About Us

Rhea County Homeschoolers is a regional support group under the auspices of THEA (Tennessee Home Educators Association). We exist to build a network of support among homeschooling families based on a foundation of biblical principles.

Rhea County Homeschoolers


Tennessee Organizations

The Tennessee Home Education Association (THEA) was formed in 1984 and provides a network of support through it's seven regional chapters. Rhea County lies in the Chattanooga/Southeast (CSTHEA) district. Other THEA districts can be found here.

Tennessee Homeschooling Laws

For information on homeschooling laws for the state of Tennessee, please visit these sites:

  • TNHomeEd.com - Tennessee Home School Information Site
  • HSLDA.org - Home School Legal Defense Association

Church Related Schools

Most Rhea Count homeschoolers are registered under Church Related Schools (CRS). Here are a few examples: